Are you looking for Drum Lessons London?

At AAME our young, passionate team of tutors can help you achieve your dreams with our drum lessons in London.

The drum is the oldest instrument of them all. Rhythm is part of what distinguishes us as human beings. All About Music Education have expert tutors who can quickly get you into your rhythm on the drums.

A good drummer is always in demand and forms the backbone of the band. A great rhythm section is essential to any self-respecting band. With AAME’s drum lessons in London we will have you participating in our workshops as part of a live band within six months.

AAME can arrange for drum lessons at home if you have a kit, or in their own teaching space. Our tutors will talk you through all the basic techniques and you can then move into more specialised genres, as you would like.

If disturbing the neighbours is an issue or you have no kit at home, AAME’s drum lessons in London recommend that you practice on electric pads until you decide to acquire a full set of drums.

Our music tutors are both highly qualified and highly experienced in their field. We pick our teachers not only for their qualifications but also for their passion for their subject and their enthusiasm to pass on their skills.

Many of our teachers are practising musicians appearing on stage professionally.

All of our staff are CRB checked, vetted and interviewed by us personally before employment so you can be assured of the quality of teaching you are getting.

Our syllabus consists of modern and classical material consisting of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced categories. Our students are encouraged to be involved in the choice of material used giving the student the freedom to direct their own studies and therefore remain motivated.

Exploring the skills and pleasures of playing in group situations is a core element in the All About Music Education syllabus with students being able to participate in workshops. This provides the much needed incentive to progression that is necessary for motivation. Keeping our students motivated is of prime importance at All About Music Education.


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